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presenting, singing, tap dancing and ballroom dancing
Starting ballroom dancing at the age of 15 and tap dancing at the age of 17 was a dream come true. stevE.De was always fascinated by past gentlemen musical stars like Fred Astaire or Danny Kaye and the good tradition of entertainment and living as a romantic singer and dancer in a world of music and emotions. Working as a toastmaster / party organizer, radio DJ / presenter, and front singer in a small band, brought him to his real profession as a philosophic and amusing Master of Ceremonies. His first appearances on lovely weddings were followed by presentations on fairs / exhibitions and numerous stage shows with audiences up to 1000 people. Still liking the old entertainment dream and close contact with the audience, stevE.De continues to support (international) weddings and small, cozy club shows as well as private parties or company presentations / celebrations.
Die hier von verschiedenen Live-Auftritten gezeigten Bilder sind weitgehend in Süddeutschland entstanden. Sie stammen ausnahmslos aus den vergangenen Jahren und zeigen neben der Tätigkeit als Conférencier / Master of Ceremonies auch Auftritte als Sänger und Steptänzer.
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(in German) Graues Leben - Eine Kurzgeschicht (2:24 Minuten - mp3 1,1MB | HQ 3,4MB)
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