(based in Central Europe) [Master of Ceremonies stevE dasE with microphone 2008]

   "that's edutainment"

Conférencier und Zeremonienmeister
Conférencier, master of ceremonies, presenter, entertainer, comedian (in German and English), singer, dancer (tap dance, ballroom dance), toastmaster, anchorman, teacher and artist - with special connections to the USA, France, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria and all regions of Germany... (read more)
Kabarett Kompakt Kabarett Kompakt
"Cabaret Compact" is at this time performing only in German, but has a new program to announce:
Zeitgeist - an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie BarbE Revue
A completely different late-breaking look at current news and media and lifetime issues mixed with best relating classics of the beginning of the past century. Always new, always different. Every evening is unique and sends you home with wonderful melodies, fascinating insights and funny learning experiences... ;-) (read more)


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